Trina Schmidt

Wedding Planner & Designer

With over 19 years of experience in corporate and promotional events, party planning and wedding coordination, Trina can help you make informed decisions based on your dreams and expectations. Her creative touches, attention to detail and light-hearted attitude are just a few of the unique qualities that she’s known for most. From innovative concept to flawless execution, Trina has helped several couples carry out their wishes exactly as they had imagined their wedding day to be, producing hundreds of perfect events throughout Southern California. She’s a graduate from the University of Southern California and is ranked one of the top four Best of Bride 2015 Orange County Wedding Planners for California Wedding Day Magazine. When not planning and designing for her clients’, she enjoys time with her active three kids & supportive loving husband of almost 20 years. As a Filipino-Italian, she’s a lover of all foods, from seafood to spicy and everything in between. She enjoys laughter, dancing and a good glass of wine. Her favorite sports teams are any teams her kids are playing for, and you can normally find her at the gym or a boot camp before the sun rises.

Katy Genrich

Lead Coordinator

Katy graduated from Cal State Fullerton, majoring in Communications & Advertising. She’s been  with Trina Schmidt Weddings for over 8 years. Katy has a very eclectic, cozy & accessorized style. Her eye for styling and fashion comes from experience working with celebrity clients in Beverly Hills and the greater Los Angeles area. She loves weddings because she’s able to work with several couples with different visions.  When she shows up to a wedding, she’s able to see the venue totally transform into the couples’ vision, and make that happen.  Her favorite part is the excitement on their faces the first time they see their space set-up. Knowing that she was a part in that, is very fulfilling.  When she’s not planning or styling weddings, she enjoys running and hiking, or simply lounging by the pool when the weather is warm. Her favorite food is pizza, all day and everyday, if she could.  In addition to staying healthy and happy, she loves to save things; concert stubs, festival brochures, every singe birthday card, letter & note anyone has ever given her. These are special memories that the she can look back and hold on to. She’s also an avid European traveler with a sense of adventure.



Vanessa Cambier

Lead Coordinator / Assistant

Vanessa has been with the team for almost 3 years now. She graduated from USC with a double major in Psychology and Classics. She loves weddings because she sees them as a start of a beautiful, mysterious journey called marriage. Happily married for 3 years, she knows how this joyous celebration marks the  beginning of a crazy adventure. But what she loves most about weddings is the chance to help make their big day as beautiful as ever, and sees it as an honor just to be a part of it.  She’s a lover of traveling and if money were no object, she’d move to Paris and spend all her time drinking wine & eating cheese. Her favorite holiday is the Fourth of July and her favorite all time restaurant is Woodranch BBQ. When not designing weddings, she can easily be found spending time with her husband, or buried in a book with a cup of tea. Her favorite sports team…..USC football, of course.

Stephanie Delgadillo

Lead Coordinator / Assistant

More about Stephanie, coming soon!



Megan Greco


Megan is graduating this May from Chapman University with a major in Communications and a minor in Entrepreneurship. She’s also the Social Chair of her sorority and has been with Trina Schmidt Weddings for almost 2 years. Her most rewarding experience in assisting with weddings, is seeing the look on the couples’ faces, by helping make their dream day come true. Her style is comfy, boho & casual. She’s a lover of chocolates and loves to travel. When she’s not attending school or assisting with weddings, she enjoys relaxing with candles and journaling new ideas or thoughts. And during hockey season, you can usually find her cheering on the Anaheim Ducks.