Christina & Nate

People still can’t stop raving about our wedding! So much of this is because of Trina! She is so professional and has a wealth of knowledge and experience that will make your day unforgettable. She is so well organized, quick to respond to texts and emails, good at calming people down – the day of the wedding I was stress free because I knew she and her assistant had everything under control. We had a big wedding party, and she was instrumental in keeping the photo process quick and painless. Everyone knew exactly where to be at all times because of her scheduling and guidance. So important for a big wedding party and big wedding in general! Everything went better than we could’ve imagined – such a good flow and none of the guests were bored! Everyone had such a good time. That day was truly a beautiful dream come true. There’s no way we could’ve pulled it off without her. Thank you for everything, Trina!!! We will never forget you!

Cindy & Steve

My day would not have been nearly close to what it was if it wasn’t for Trina and her team. I emailed her almost on a daily basis and she always responded quickly. She was flexible and made time and place for me whenever I needed to see her. Her vendors that she recommended were outstanding. What was most impressive to me was her attention to detail. I had over 10 boxes full and I mean full of diy projects to be placed around the wedding reception and had given her specific instructions on where to place certain items at a certain time during the night. During the reception I look over and everything was in the perfect place and my vision came to life. She really went above and beyond to make my wedding special. She was right there with me at my florist appointment to help make my vision come alive. What would have been overwhelming to most people of my requests, she handled everything for me. She is a great listener and contributed so many great ideas that geared toward us.

Shanell & Blake

Trina was referred to us by my husband’s friend who had used her for his wedding, and she was an amazing find! We were engaged for over two years, and she spread out the planning accordingly to keep us as stress free as possible. She gave us recommendations for everything we asked for and set up meeting times. She was very thorough with everything and kept us from falling behind on the wedding planning.
She ran our rehearsal and made sure everyone knew exactly what they’re role was and she was so efficient we were only there for probably 30 minutes and we had everything down.
The day of the wedding she had a detailed schedule emailed out to every vendor, bridesmaid, groomsman, family member, and who ever else was involved so everyone knew where they were supposed to be, what they were doing, and anything else. I absolutely loved that the schedule was so detailed and we stuck pretty well to it, which made the day a lot less stressful.
I actually had a reception dress I changed into and the zipper/hook & eye closure broke right after I had put it on. She wasted no time figuring out how to safety pin me into my dress and conceal the safety pins so no one would notice. I had three pairs of shoes I was alternating throughout the day and she made sure they were always at the place I needed them to be for a quick change. There was no panicking and she kept me calm throughout the day.
My husband and I would highly recommend Trina and are so glad she was referred to us!

Natalie & Haitian

I found Trina through the Open House at the Center Club. We had a limited budget and Trina was great working with the budget. We got the basic package and added the design package also. We recently moved out of State, so Trina worked with us through mostly emails and I have to say Trina was even more wonderful on the phone and especially in person. Trina was very understanding and maintaining professional attitude at all time. It is helpful to have someone who doesn’t join the bridezilla emotional roller coaster with you. She keeps things rolling forward. She was there with the determination to create a wedding the way I envisioned it. Trina was always available to address my concerns. Trina had great design taste! Very classy and she made sure to keep your taste classy and not going out of control. Trina helped me to find vendors and discuss contracts and design ideas with them. My husband and I were mostly filling out the contracts. The vendors Trina recommended were not only professional but they also went the distance to make sure I have a beautiful wedding with happy guests! On the wedding day, everything went according to the plan and I didn’t even have to remind anyone or make any phone call. All I had to do was to look pretty and be happy. Trina sees every detail and make sure I was comfortable. At the end of the day, all of my guests raved about the wedding and they said my wedding was the best wedding that they ever experienced. My husband and I would highly recommend Trina for your wedding.

P.S. Trina is like Mary Poppins. On the wedding day, she carried a little box with a bunch of goodies for the wedding such as needles and threads for the bride’s wedding dress; if there is anything missing, she can get it for you! 😉

Jadyn & Brandon

Trina and her assistants were AMAZING. I did a mostly DIY wedding in terms of decorations (lots of delicate dried lavender and pieces that had to be placed before the reception). I was so at ease with them putting my vision to life. I can’t even explain really how at ease she made me. I was told numerous time how calm I seemed – I was! For the pre-wedding planning, her attention to detail was on point. At times, this overwhelmed my husband (he thought she was kind of pushy at first, but then when she was dealing with some stressful things at the wedding impeccably – like uninvited guests, incorrect cake, etc – he couldn’t stop praising her). She does send out a lot of info and a few of my bridesmaids commented that it seemed like overkill, that is until the big day. Then they were all SO happy because they could relax and enjoy the day as well. I’ve been a bridesmaid in weddings where you can’t enjoy anything because you are sort of doing planning stuff and getting things in place. But with Trina there, all those things were taken care of and they could just be my friends. And then, she stayed until everything was cleaned up and out of the venue, which was HUGE for my parents. I will say that it was more than I planned on paying for a planner, but worth EVERY PENNY. She is super professional, yet at the same time so friendly and easy to talk to; in all our meetings and phone conversations, she felt like an old friend, and it really made all the planning fun, not stressful. She has great contacts and is really helpful in contract negotiations. And she really listens to what you. I am an extremely organized person, and so I knew I wanted a planner, or else I wouldn’t be able to let go and just enjoy my wedding day; I was worried though that whomever I chose wouldn’t be structured enough or the right balance of kind and stern (being friendly to family and friends, but harsh with vendors as needed), but she was PERFECT. You won’t regret this expense.

Amanda & Phil

Love Trina!! She made the planning process a breeze! We had a five month engagement and everything went so smoothly thanks to Trina. It was stress free and the wedding day was a dream come true! She set us up with vendors who fit perfectly to our personalities and the day went so smoothly! Highly recommend Trina!

Raizalyn & Allan

Trina was great!!! Trina was responsible for my beautiful and successful wedding! She helped me create the wedding of my dreams! She was there for me throughout the whole process. She was very patient especially having to deal with a bride like me who was indecisive. This wedding day was very long and complicated but the day of the wedding she handled everything perfectly. I couldn’t be happier with her services!